Martha Stewart was Better than
Donald Trump

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By Lance Winslow

With Reality TV it looks as if Donald Trump is the champ. Unfortunately Donald Trump's depiction of corporate America is so far from the truth that it is no wonder anyone watches that show all. Martha Stewart's show was much better in that it was more in line with reality. After all we are talking about reality TV aren't we?

You're fired sounds great and all that, but is that any way to run a business? Causally threatening the hired help every possible turn. Some of the ridiculous commentary and infighting which took place on Donald Trump's show simply would never take place anywhere corporate America. There would be lawsuits, sexual harassment claims and employment litigation. Not to mention the fact that people who were constantly fighting could never come together as a team in a common cause or common goal to make a profit. It seems they were way too busy fighting and CYA'ing themselves to get anything worthy accomplished.

In Martha Stewart's show there was less fighting and more cooperation. Martha Stewart did not like the jerk the Donald Trump did in did not put up with the infighting amongst the teams. This is a better depiction of reality in corporate America that was portrayed or projected by Donald Trump. For Donald Trump to say he had the better show; would be like Jerry Springer saying that his version of the world is a better reality.

Personally the older reason I watched Donald Trump's show you're fired was because I wanted to see what kind of BS these juvenile wannabe executives would come up with.

Donald Trump's show was more about the vindictive human nature that sells tabloids and works in the raunchiest of sitcoms. You must admit the Donald Trump's show is so far from reality that should not be called reality TV. It is absurd to think the Donald Trump had the better reality TV show. Consider this in 2006.

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