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From: Reality-TV-Show-Pitch
Matt Canham
Thursday, 7:52pm

Dear Friends of Reality TV,

Picture this. It's Friday morning at ABC company and 6 people are standing around the water cooler talking. "I just couldn't believe the twist at the end of last night's episode," says one guy. "I know, it was AMAZING!," replies a woman.

How would you feel if they were talking about YOUR Reality TV show?

I have had the same thoughts myself and about two years ago I was on a plane when it hit me like a ton of bricks; I had an idea for a reality show, but this was not just any old idea.

It was a GREAT idea! BUT ...

I had the same questions as you:

  • Where could I find producers looking for a Reality TV Show?
  • How does one go about creating your own Reality TV Show?
  • Where can I see an example of a Reality TV Show treatment?
  • Were there other regular people who thought of Reality TV Shows?

I knew there was a production company in LA that would just love it, all I had to do was find them. Well, not quite. I faced other problems as I had no idea how to write it, who I should try and talk to, or even how I should go about registering and protecting my idea. And it all seemed strange because even though I was living smack dab in the middle of Hollywood it was still really hard to find out this information. Now you might find that hard to believe, but as anyone in LA will tell you:

You've gotta keep valuable information to yourself!

And it is so true. It seemed like the information was non existent and like I was being misinformed, as everybody seemed to be saying something different. It eventually dawned on me that they were in fact, just trying to prevent me from knowing the truth!

So for the past two years Iíve talked to hundreds of people in this industry and done all the research and Iím finally close to making a deal on two of my original ideas for shows.

I have learned the hard way that this information and approach works and now I am making it available to you.

But make no mistake. This group is about TAKING ACTION and DOING. Its about working on your idea, learning about your potential market and putting together a professional pitch that will be opened and read. If you are looking for an instant way to Reality TV success, then my advice is:...

Become a contestant!

This group will take you from the beginning to the end. If you do have an idea, this is the only step by step manual that is available period. Not only is it easy to follow but I have basically done all the work for you. I show you how to write treatments with examples of my own along with query letters and release forms, etc.

If you don't even have an idea - I will help you with that also. To start, simply sign up for our *free* email report and newsletter on the left. You'll receive the report titled, "How to Develop a Reality Show Concept in 8 steps" instantly.

So what do the listings look like?

Curt Northrup
Granada Entertainment USA
11812 San Vincente Ste. 500
LA CA, 90049

This is a sample of my original list that is easy to print out onto AVERY mailing labels. No trial and error about who is or isn't doing Reality TV, you get the list of ALL the companies making Reality TV.

The original list has 150 of these names and addresses that took me months and months to gather for my very own reality show submissions...

but all you have to do is hit print and send!

If I was a person thinking about pitching a reality show, I would expect a group about it to contain information on...

  • Reality TV, why people watch it and how to appeal to them.
  • The importance of Advertising in your pitch and how understanding this can make a big difference in your success.
  • The best ways to protect your ideas from theft and copyright infringement.
  • The correct format for a treatment and the elements it should contain.
  • How to develop your ideas into strong story lines.
  • Big mistakes others have made and how to avoid them.
  • How to put together a strong pitch so you have the courage to take action.
  • The type of money a hit show makes.
  • Developing a better understanding of the genre and ultimately becoming a better writer.

  • 43 bonus links for websites involved in production to use in addition to the list of 150.
  • Be in a strong position to have your pitch read because you'll have access to the ONLY specific list of Reality TV show Production companies.

    And knowing all this will help you to...

  • Save valuable time, so you can concentrate on actually WRITING your pitch.

AND you will find all this in the group plus more!

The group currently has 18 pages and 12 files (including 6 audios), I have some interviews planned and best of all, we can actively discuss any of the content.

A group membership sells for $19.95, which is far less than a night out on the town. Just ask Mr Reality TV, Mark Burnett if he thinks pitching a Reality TV show idea is worth it!

This could be all you need to polish and submit your successful idea.

My 2 year education is yours in just minutes!

If you don't have the time or inclination to mess around, and you want to start right away, with a professional, proven approach, then...

This is for you.

I know my approach is effective and that if you follow the advice outlined in the group, you will see for yourself how you too can create a professional pitch and submit it. But just to make it even easier for you to make a decision, I will include in the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Free Personal E-mail Consultations (Value $197)

We will answer any questions you may have and personally help you with any issues related to writing, development and reality show pitching. We often get emails from people apologizing for asking me basic questions, but that's why we're here. This sort of personal service is completely unheard of, but we're pleased to offer it to you.

Bonus #2 - 5 ebooks to help you formulate YOUR plan of attack.
(Value $97)

The better your knowledge and understanding of the genre and how it works, the better your pitch will be.

Titles include:

  • Bonus 1: Reality TV as Advertainment
  • Bonus 2: Why people watch Reality TV
  • Bonus 3: B$ing 101
  • Bonus 4: 100 Leading Advertisers report 2005
  • Bonus 5: Un-Reality TV: An Analysis of Story Elements in Reality Programming.

In order to put together a successful pitch, there are some skills you will need to develop. You will also find them in these bonus ebooks I have taken the time to find for you.

Bonus #3 - Free ongoing updates.

You'll be able to log in and read our constantly updated contenet and production company listings.

Does that sound fair?

All the secrets I discovered in the last 2 years are yours, when you are given access to the group after your order is processed with our Secure Server at any time of the day or night. One your order has been received, you will be sent an invitation to join the Google group.

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  • A membership to the Google group.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • The 5 bonus ebooks.
  • Free updates
And remember, we are always on hand to assist in any way at all. We are here to support you in any way.

All for just $19.95.

Best Regards,


Pitching a Reality TV show idea can seem like flying to the moon, but with the right approach, you can at least get to Cape Canaveral. You know, life is all about action, so if you do have a great idea ask yourself this question - if not now, when?

Click here now and join this select group of people in the know and get your pitch to the people who make the decisions.

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It's great to finally see things with the WGA cool down -- only the SAG and DGA to go... Reality may get yet another boost if things go just as badly in those respective negotiations.


You asked for it, so we've delivered:

A list of all the Reality TV Shows and their respective Production companies with contact details.

687 Production company email addresses.

Links to Production company Directories for the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Matt Canham



Hi James,

Thank you for such a great Ebook - it Rocks!

We are now going to send out query letters.

Brad and Michael

Hi James, I really had no idea about how important the advertising was to these shows. Thanks again for all your help, Carmen.

Wow - great job - you should do a book and sell at Barnes and Nobles book store.

Hi Matt,

Your quick answer is much appreciated.

My concept is strong - unique not because of the concept but because of the characters. I guess I need a production company to partner with who also has experience in packaging up product-placement deals and even has a process in place.

Again, I appreciate the quick response and I'm ordering the ebook right now!


Dear James,

We bought your ebook, read it, and used the addresses provided by you to pitch our idea. Thanks for the help!