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What if they don't accept unsolicited materials?
That's ok; a lot of companies have a lot on their plate at different times. Send a query letter and ask them to keep you on file, and when they're finished up with their currant projects and they start up acquisitions again, hopefully then you'll get the nod. Remember you're not sending materials at first anyway, your sending a query letter which we give you a sample of in this ebook.

How much money can I make from my show?
Well of course it is always different. Sometime they'll give you development money (a little cash to work your idea up into a viable show). Or they may option your show, this usually gets you a little money upfront as well, both these scenarios don't include the money from the actual show, its all pre-money.

What network it is aired on has a lot to do with how much money you get as well. I heard NBC pays the most, any major network will pay better than cable networks, but some shows go from cable to the majors like for example "Queer eye for the straight guy."

There are so many variations it's really not the most important thing. The most important thing is even getting a show with your name on it to begin with, and then making an even better show the next time, it's about power, pride and performance that keeps you on top and the money will be there.

What if I write a show and it's already been done?
This does happen, a little common sense will tell you that this most likely has been done or not. but if you think it hasn't the write it down quickly then register fast, after that you can take you time to work it into an even better show, I have done this and sometimes I waited to long and I will see my show on TV, but that just validates my ability to write in this medium.

How should I negotiate a deal for a reality show - there are some people interested?
I think like any negotiation, you need to not put all your cards on the table at once. You need to really sell them on the idea first, then when they are interested and are chasing you, you can put some of your cards on the table.

If you want an ongoing role with the show as a writer, you could ask what their policy is on employing creators. You are not saying you want to do that, rather gaining some information.

Once you have learned their policies on that and other issues, you can then decide which ones to push for and which ones to let go.