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By Sally Baker

Is it me or are we seeing more and more former celebrities and celebrities on the C or D list on television nowadays? Practically anywhere you look on television you can find former stars trying to make a comeback.

Do you like heavy metal musicians from the 70's and 80's? Check out Gene Simmons from KISS on VH1, Tommy Lee (the drummer from Motley Crue) going to college on NBC, or the lead singer from Warrant on Celebrity Fit Club. Like hip-hop? Bobby Brown has his own show on Bravo. Boy bands more your thing? Joey McIntyre danced up a storm on Dancing with the Stars.

How about aging sports stars? Jose Canseco is one of the housemates on The Surreal Life 5, and we all got to see Evander Holyfield strut his stuff on ABC this summer. Hulk Hogan has his own show on VH1.

We also have the opportunity to see television stars from previous decades - remember Balki on Perfect Strangers? He's also one of the roommates on The Surreal Life 5. Willie Aames from Charles in Charge and Eight is Enough is on Celebrity Fit Club. Who didn't love John O'Hurley (of Seinfeld fame) on Dancing with the Stars?

Comediennes also have a place on reality television. Victoria Jackson was great on Saturday Night Live - now she's trying to lose weight on Celebrity Fit Club. Kathy Griffin has her own show on Bravo titled, interestingly enough, My Life on the D List.

Reality television is even going so far to have the children of rich and famous people star in their shows. E! has a show called Filthy Rich Cattle Drive, where the children of the rich and famous have to rough it on a ranch.

I don't know about you, but my favorite reality shows are ones where the stars are real people. I think it's great to see someone considered a regular person (or average) succeed with a record contract or with a large cash prize. It's sometimes hard to route for the rich and famous - I'd rather see the poor and unknown person succeed on reality tv.

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