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Reality TV Show Pitch Questions #1

I'm coming to LA to shoot a movie and reality show - low key-one man show - I'll carry camera myself maybe. It will take place in August.
1. Is it too late to get some 'film oriented' funds for documentary.
I heard it's more...

Reality TV Show Pitch Questions #2

Is it possible that I can submit my concept to production companies in the US, whilst residing and living in Australia? Is the process of proposing a new TV reality show to a production company and developing a test pilot expensive? How much did you spend...

Reality TV Show Pitch Questions #3

I recently moved to LA from Austin, TX to pursue my career aspirations. I am an up-and-coming film and tv Producer. Let me know if you are in Hollywood and if you would have time to meet for lunch sometime. I am interested in writing my own e-book, and...

Reality TV Show Pitch Questions #4

I just recently purchased a copy of your ebook online. What Im trying to find out is how long does it take to get my work registered and also in what format should it be written?

How long is the process of registering your work? What i mean is how long...

The standard Production Company Submisson Release form

You agree that no obligation of any kind is assumed by ****** Productions or may be implied against ****** Productions by reason of you sending the Submission to ****** Productions and/or any review, report, discussions or negotiations...

Reality TV Show Pitch Questions #5

1. I have an excellent reality tv program idea that I'm in the process of putting together and shooting a demo for. Do you have any suggestions as far as once i have a complete demo, how i should go about getting it sold?

2. I have basically been...